make (one's) peace with (someone or something)

(redirected from making his peace with)

make (one's) peace with (someone or something)

To reconcile with or accept something that previously was a source of stress, conflict, etc. After years of not speaking, Janie finally made peace with her sister. You need to make your peace with the fact that your first business didn't succeed. There will be other chances.
See also: make, peace

make one's peace with

Reconcile oneself to, bring about friendly relations with, as in He's repented and made his peace with God. This expression was first recorded about 1315. Also see make peace.
See also: make, peace

make (your) ˈpeace with somebody

end an argument, a quarrel, etc. with somebody, for example by saying sorry to them: He made his peace with his mother just before she died. OPPOSITE: pick a fight/quarrel (with somebody)
See also: make, peace, somebody

make (one's) peace with

To bring oneself to accept; reconcile oneself to.
See also: make, peace
References in periodicals archive ?
NICK BARMBY is ready to stay at Hull after making his peace with the Tigers' owners.
"I have a clear head now and things have calmed down," said Petrov, who has 61 international caps after making his peace with the Bulgarian FA and coming out of early retirement.
ST MIRREN defender Kirk Broadfoot is in line for a Bell's Challenge Cup Final start after making his peace with Gus MacPherson.
BOBO BALDE went some way to making his peace with Celtic fans at Parkhead as the Premier League leaders beat Dundee 3-2 to crawl eight points clear of Rangers.