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"The only way something like this will pass is with proper education," he says, "so that members understand that making peer review public is an inevitable step toward fulfilling our obligations to protect the public interest."
Site Licenses are also available so you can make the Making Pulp and Paper CD-ROM Series available throughout your workplace.
Once fuel-cell technology matures, Detroit can start making cars that don't require internal combustion engines but run on the same fuel as cars already on the road.
We have previously described the core elements of conferencing as: widening the circle, taking/sharing responsibility for solutions, culturally competent practice, family leadership and empowerment, family driven solutions, community partnerships and private family decision making time (Adams & Chandler, 2003).
The company started making furniture for chemically sensitive people 12 years ago.
Law enforcement personnel need experience making decisions in situations in which other people, whether suspects, bystanders, or team members, are primary features.
1.645-1(c)(1) suggests that the taxpayer use the manner prescribed under "published guidance" for making the election.
In other words, unless a Notice of Nonrenewal is filed, an additional year is added each year to the initial seven-year contract period upon the anniversary of the election, thereby making the election perpetual.
Distributors can reject the board's ratings and opt to release a film unrated, but the financial ramifications of making that choice can be fatal.
It was something that was more than 100 years in the making. In this case, BHP and HI had been working together since 1988.
The conference issued a platform for action, "Women and the Environment Diagnosis," that called for governments to ensure opportunities for women to participate in environmental decision making at all levels and integrate women's perspectives into all environmental management decisions.
Lindsay Shonteff established his later filmmaking career in Britain and the United States by making a cheap Western, The Devils' Spawn/The Hired Gun (1959), a film he edited in his own home.
The authors outline the implementation of PIG, discuss the role of intuition in decision making, and compare the PIC with the person-environment fit approach.
Interactive customer relationship management is all about making decisions to optimize the customer experience through individualized product information and offers, quotes and policyholder or claim services.
* None of the funds made available by this Act or any prior Act making appropriations for Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs may be provided for any country, entity, or municipality sanctioned by the Secretary of State for failure to take necessary and significant steps to apprehend and transfer to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.