make (one's) skin crawl

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make (one's) skin crawl

To cause one to feel disgusted, frightened, or unnerved. Having to look at all those surgical photos made my skin crawl. The mere mention of cockroaches makes her skin crawl.
See also: crawl, make, skin

make your skin crawl

If something or someone makes your skin crawl, you find them very unpleasant and frightening. The way he looks at me makes my skin crawl. I hated this man, his very touch made my skin crawl. Compare with make your flesh creep.
See also: crawl, make, skin

make your ˈskin crawl

make you feel afraid or full of disgust: His smile made my skin crawl.
See also: crawl, make, skin

make (one's) skin

/flesh crawl
To cause one to be afraid or disgusted.
See also: make, skin
References in periodicals archive ?
"We've had a longstanding joke that he fancied me and he was my secret admirer, but you know when a man makes your skin crawl? He made my skin crawl.
He is playing the wedding cake-loving killer in ITV's Monday night drama The Widower and is so evil he actually makes your skin crawl just watching him walking down the aisle all smiles and corny jokes.
If a typical day at the office makes your skin crawl, this hour-long luxe pampering is the perfect antidote.
Helen Peterson, 32, from Rhondda, said: It makes your skin crawl.
But Keith - lurking in the TV in the corner of your living room, like a tramp in an art installation - makes your skin crawl.
Another said: "It makes your skin crawl to think someone could have been cut up and killed less than 100 yards from your own front door.