make (one's) hair curl

(redirected from makes your hair curl)

make (one's) hair curl

To cause one to experience an acute feeling of shame, embarrassment, or discomfort. Her story about the disastrous wedding made everyone's hair curl. The thought of having to give her presentation in front of an audience made her hair curl.
See also: curl, hair, make

make your hair curl

mainly BRITISH or

curl your hair

If something makes your hair curl, it makes you very shocked or worried. I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl. Some of the things I read daily would curl your hair.
See also: curl, hair, make

make someone's hair curl

shock or horrify someone. informal
This expression may have developed in the mid 20th century as a dramatic or humorous variation of make someone's hair stand on end (see hair).
See also: curl, hair, make

make somebody’s ˈhair curl

(informal, humorous) shock or disturb somebody: The video contains some sex scenes that are enough to make your hair curl.
See also: curl, hair, make
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What they have to put up with makes your hair curl: Gangs of up to 20 swearing at people as they walk past' spitting at passers-by' racial abuse' damaging property.
Eating crusts makes your hair curl, ignore homework and you won't get a job, you'll have no friends if you don't wash - doesn't she know they don't wash either?