make (one's) mouth water

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make (one's) mouth water

1. To cause one to salivate or feel hungry. Just the thought of having a big seafood dinner tonight makes my mouth water. The smell of the burgers on the grill made Jake's mouth water.
2. By extension, to cause one to feel happy or excited, usually with anticipation. A business opportunity like that is enough to make anyone's mouth water!
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make someone's mouth water

to make someone hungry (for something); to cause saliva to flow in someone's mouth. That beautiful salad makes my mouth water. Talking about food makes my mouth water.
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make one's mouth water

Cause one to eagerly anticipate or long for something, as in Those travel folders about Nepal make my mouth water. This metaphoric term alludes to salivating when one anticipates food and has been used figuratively since the mid-1600s, whether it refers to food, as in The sight of that chocolate cake made her mouth water, or not.
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make your mouth water

1. If food or the smell of food makes your mouth water, it looks or smells delicious and makes you want to eat. The fragrant steam from the pot made his mouth water. It still makes my mouth water when I think of those pies. Note: People also use the much more frequent adjective mouth-watering to mean the same thing. Turn to page 25 for more mouth-watering recipes. This is the best place to sample mouth-watering local dishes.
2. If something makes your mouth water, it is very attractive or appealing to you. These were plants to make an amateur gardener's mouth water. The zoo's site in Regent's Park would make any developer's mouth water. Note: People also use the much more frequent adjective mouth-watering to mean the same thing. The perks that go with the governorship are mouth-watering.
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make someone's mouth water

1 cause someone to salivate at the prospect of appetizing food. 2 cause someone to feel an intense desire to possess something.
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make somebody’s ˈmouth water

make somebody feel hungry; make somebody want to do or have something very much: The smell of your cooking is making my mouth water.The sight of all that money made his mouth water. ▶ ˈmouth-watering adj.: a mouth-watering smell
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make one's mouth water, to

To make someone long for or desire something; to arouse eager anticipation. The term, which alludes to salivating in anticipation of food, transferred the phenomenon to other human desires early on. Richard Eden used the term in writing of cannibals anticipating their prey (The Decades of the New Worlde, 1555). By 1663, when Samuel Butler used it in Hudibras, the term was purely figurative, as it still is, even when it refers to food.
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References in classic literature ?
"Your present appearance makes my mouth water," said the Tiger, looking at Billina greedily.
"Glutton!" said Conseil, "he makes my mouth water."
Thinking about the aloo samasos and chana chaat - whether homemade or from the vendors - still makes my mouth water even after all these years.
Writing this makes my mouth water recalling the fortunate food tasting preview we had earlier with chef Bang upon the invitation of the sleek GM Kennedy Kapulong who always looks dapper in his custom made suit and the ever charming Seda Communications Officer Faith Dimaano.
A generous portion for an entree, it is succulent and juicy inside, lightly crisped on the outside, and the accompanying chilli lime sauce still makes my mouth water! The prawn cracker mix, tasty and light, is scoffed down pretty quickly along with the spring rolls which are super-crispy and come with a lime coriander sauce (much like a spiced soy sauce), with a garnish of pickled vegetables.
Besides gajak, he sells a variety of chikki (brittle), packets of regular popcorn stuck together by jaggery and glucose; marzipan-coated fennel seeds; crispy rice balls glued together with sweet sugar syrup; til kay ladoo and til kay samosay; crispy batashay; sweet reweri made from pure ghee, coconut toffee and bittersweet mango slices and so many other things I don't even know the names of, though even thinking about them makes my mouth water making me want to swing by the shop again.
"We have chefs cooking street food to appeal to every taste, creating an aroma over the festival site which makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
THE smell of sizzling bacon makes my mouth water. Do Vegans have the same reaction when mowing the lawn?
It makes my mouth water just thinking about it Nothing beats a slice of this loaf spread thick with butter and served with a cup of tea.
Even though I'm not glutenfree, Venice Bakery's GlutenFree Vegan Pizza Crust makes my mouth water. It's tasty with vegan pesto and veggies, or classic tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella.
The combination makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
The thought of it makes my mouth water - it always brings back memories of my childhood."
I can smell chips with salt and vinegar and it makes my mouth water. The man behind the counter is wrapping up a bag of chips for the woman at the front of the queue.
But don't forget the food - and I won't - and certainly not the sumptuously tasty rib-eye steak which still makes my mouth water when I think of it.
It makes my mouth water. It's too sweet and looks like it can get kids hyper.