make (one's) flesh creep

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make (one's) flesh creep

To cause one to feel disgusted, frightened, or unnerved. Having to look at all those surgical photos made my flesh creep. The mere mention of cockroaches makes her flesh creep.
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make one's flesh creep

Also, make one's skin crawl. Cause one to shudder with disgust or fear, as in That picture makes my flesh creep, or Cockroaches make my skin crawl. This idiom alludes to the feeling of having something crawl over one's body or skin. The first term appeared in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels (1727): "Something in their countenance made my flesh creep with a horror I cannot express." The variant dates from the late 1800s.
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make your flesh creep


make your flesh crawl

If something or someone makes your flesh creep or makes your flesh crawl, they make you feel uncomfortable because you find them so unpleasant or frightening. I didn't like him the first time I set eyes on him and now I know why. He made my flesh creep. I could see nobody. But they could see me. It made my flesh crawl. Note: You can also say that someone or something makes your skin crawl. Then suddenly she laughed. The sound made his skin crawl.
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make someone's flesh creep (or crawl)

cause someone to feel fear, horror, or disgust.
See also: creep, flesh, make

make your ˈflesh creep/crawl

make you feel afraid or full of disgust: This is a movie to make your flesh creep.The way he looked at me made my flesh crawl.
See also: crawl, creep, flesh, make
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The ad that makes my flesh creep the most is the one where we see a young boy getting himself ready for school.
IF THERE is one word that makes my flesh creep, it is "iconic".
Watching these braying bullies make women strip to their pants so they can be humiliated on national TV makes my flesh creep. So when their latest show Undress The Nation was launched, I always found I had better things to do - like watching paint dry.
Even 4000 miles away all that jingoistic, self-deluding nonsense still makes my flesh creep.
AND though the very sight of him makes my flesh creep, a friend of mine who met him recently was "dazzled" by his presence.