make (one's) bed (up)

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make (one's) bed (up)

1. To tidy or rearrange the bedclothes on one's bed after one has slept in it. Would it kill you to make your bed in the morning? It only takes a couple minutes! I never feel like I've properly started the day until I've made my bed up.
2. To prepare a bed for one to sleep in by fitting, arranging, or tidying the bedclothes on it. Your brother and sister are in the two spare rooms, so I made your bed up in the living room. Be sure to make each guest's bed before they arrive.
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make one's (own) bed

1. Lit. to restore order to the bedclothes on one's own bed. Jimmy, you are old enough to make your own bed.
2. Fig. to be the cause of one's own misery. Well, I guess I made my own bed. Now I have to lie in it. "We all make our own beds," said the minister.
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make someone's bed (up

) Go to make the bed (up).
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make one’s bed

tv. to be the cause of one’s own misery. Well, I guess I made my own bed. Now I have to lie in it.
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On March 21, World Down Syndrome Day, Faith had her debut photoshoot for the firm, which makes bed support items for the disabled.
This further makes bed toppers for college dorm room essentials.
Get up, dressed, makes bed. 30mins on her school's educational app and reads one book.
It stops weeds coming up, keeps moisture in, reduces soil temperature, which cuts water loss, and makes beds and borders look tidier, creating a neat carpet under which to display plants.
It also reduces soil temperature, which will therefore reduce water loss, and makes beds and borders look somehow tidier, creating a neat carpet under which to display your plants.
The factory, which opened in 1853, makes beds and chairs for clients who include offshore installations and top hotels.
The business, which generated turnover of pounds 14m last year, makes beds, pillows and mattresses.
Silentnight also makes beds and turnover at the arm jumped 10.2 per cent to pounds 77.6 million.
While they're on the toilet, she strips linens or makes beds. She takes only a moment to select their clothing; grooming is just a minute or two more.
What makes beds into beds is the possession of a property, and there can be no copy of that property any more than there can be an original of it.
Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell campaigned against the move to charge full VAT at 20%, claiming it would mean significant job losses for a company in his constituency which makes beds and furnishings for the caravan industry, Now the Government has decided to water down its proposals to just 5%.
Around 100 staff at the Newcastle site on the Benton Square industrial estate, which makes beds for Slumberland, are still trying to come to terms with the news.
The Edinburgh plant makes beds and windows for local authorities and private firms across the UK.
But Adjustamatic, the UK's leading manufacturer of electrically adjustable beds, makes beds where the head and foot ends can be set independently, offering numerous different permutations.
The French-owned company that makes beds for the Queen and Prince Charles, Continental Sleep Holdings, is buying rival UK bedding manufacturer, Nestledown.