make an exception

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make an exception

To allow someone or something to forego or bypass a usual rule, law, or standard. Often followed by "for (someone)." I usually don't let students hand in any assignments late, but considering the recent circumstances with your family, I'm willing to make an exception. We have to be firm with our rules for the kids—if we keep making exceptions like this, they won't take us seriously.
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make an exception (for someone)

to suspend a rule or practice for someone in a single instance. Please make an exception just this once. The rule is a good one, and I will not make an exception for anyone.
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make an exception

Exempt someone or something from a general rule or practice, as in Because it's your birthday, I'll make an exception and let you stay up as late as you want . This expression was first recorded about 1391.
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make an exˈception

allow somebody not to follow the usual rule on one occasion: Children are not usually allowed in, but I’m prepared to make an exception in this case.
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References in periodicals archive ?
The list makes an exception of 53 Turkish companies working in Russia.
The chat show host, 42, said that although he doesn't usually look back on TV recording, he makes an exception for the festive favourite.
It makes an exception for a $2 million payment to pay for the termination of the program by the U.S.
According to the Daily Express, the 68-year-old Spanish singer said that he makes an exception for his two singer sons, but feels that he has been in the business so long, that music is "in his bones."
But the law makes an exception for potato crisps and a VAT tribunal ruled in May that Pringles should be taxed.
In addition, the chain makes an exception to its rule of expanding solely through organic growth when it buys Cleveland-based Medic Drug.
Also, LATIN TRADE does not generally run advertising disguised as a letter but makes an exception here to accommodate others in Bolivia who might be offended.
Still, the document makes an exception for candidates with "homosexual tendencies that were only the expression of a transitory problem." However, "such tendencies must be clearly overcome at least three years before ordination to the diaconate," a step towards ordination as a priest.
Unless the Department of Conservation makes an exception, the company will not be allowed to recycle used road material at the Buellton plant until the contract ends in 2007, according to the report.
The law makes an exception for religious employers.
His conclusion is that "the apophatic tradition, despite its distrust of all images about God, makes an exception in using the imagery of threatening places as a way of challenging the ego and leaving one at a loss for words.
But the former Dutch national boss makes an exception in the case of his fellow countryman Giovanni van Bronckhorst.
So if that new sofa doesn't sit perfectly at home, you may have to lump it unless the shop makes an exception.