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meet (one's) maker

To die. Please stop speeding, I don't want to meet my maker today!
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money maker

1. Something that is financially profitable Our company is in a great position these days—our latest software release has been a huge money maker. I can't believe that simple product has been such a big money maker.
2. slang One's buttocks. Often used in the phrase "shake your money maker." I love to go dancing and shake my money maker! Time to hit the gym and tone the money maker!
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the pope's mustard maker

A pompous person, especially one in an insignificant job or role. In the 14th century, Pope John XXII had a personal "moutardier" (mustard-maker), to ensure that his food was properly seasoned. All she does is copy files all day, but she acts like she's the pope's mustard maker. I practically have to beg for a chance to use the copier!
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gone to meet one's maker

Euph. died. Poor old Bob has gone to meet his maker. After a long illness, Reggie went to meet his maker.
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the butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker

people of all kinds.
This phrase comes from the traditional nursery rhyme Rub-dub-dub, Three men in a tub .

meet your maker

die. humorous or euphemistic
This expression alludes to the Christian belief that, after death, the soul goes to be judged by God, its creator.
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meet your ˈMaker

(especially humorous) die: The car was out of control. There was nothing I could do except prepare to meet my maker!
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n. a dangerous horse; anything dangerous: a gun, strong alcohol, etc. I call this stuff widow-maker. It’s really strong.
References in classic literature ?
Then if he does not make that which exists he cannot make true existence, but only some semblance of existence; and if any one were to say that the work of the maker of the bed, or of any other workman, has real existence, he could hardly be supposed to be speaking the truth.
Beds, then, are of three kinds, and there are three artists who superintend them: God, the maker of the bed, and the painter?
God knew this, and He desired to be the real maker of a real bed, not a particular maker of a particular bed, and therefore He created a bed which is essentially and by nature one only.
Shall we, then, speak of Him as the natural author or maker of the bed?
And what shall we say of the carpenter--is not he also the maker of the bed?
Yet if he is not the maker, what is he in relation to the bed?
Friend Homer,' then we say to him, `if you are only in the second remove from truth in what you say of virtue, and not in the third-- not an image maker or imitator--and if you are able to discern what pursuits make men better or worse in private or public life, tell us what State was ever better governed by your help?
Here is another point: The imitator or maker of the image knows nothing of true existence; he knows appearances only.
Then the user of them must have the greatest experience of them, and he must indicate to the maker the good or bad qualities which develop themselves in use; for example, the flute-player will tell the flute-maker which of his flutes is satisfactory to the performer; he will tell him how he ought to make them, and the other will attend to his instructions?
The instrument is the same, but about the excellence or badness of it the maker will only attain to a correct belief; and this he will gain from him who knows, by talking to him and being compelled to hear what he has to say, whereas the user will have knowledge?
Then at the end of the programme came her class poem, Makers of To- morrow; and there, as on many a former occasion, her personality played so great a part that she seemed to be uttering Miltonic sentiments instead of school-girl verse.
Similarly, if an opportunity presents itself to make a cutting personal remark or to somehow cause a decision maker to look foolish, do not succumb to the temptation.
Empire Maker quieted the alarm about his bruised right forefoot by returning to his training routine early Thursday morning, jogging a lap of the Churchill Downs oval.
a maker of dies and calibrators for fence profiles.
Samuels, Maker's Mark Master Distiller Kevin Smith, and barrel maker and "wood chef" Brad Boswell of Independent Stave finally achieved the flavor they were looking for - a full bodied bourbon without any bitterness.