make (one's) bed (up)

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make (one's) bed (up)

1. To tidy or rearrange the bedclothes on one's bed after one has slept in it. Would it kill you to make your bed in the morning? It only takes a couple minutes! I never feel like I've properly started the day until I've made my bed up.
2. To prepare a bed for one to sleep in by fitting, arranging, or tidying the bedclothes on it. Your brother and sister are in the two spare rooms, so I made your bed up in the living room. Be sure to make each guest's bed before they arrive.
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make one's (own) bed

1. Lit. to restore order to the bedclothes on one's own bed. Jimmy, you are old enough to make your own bed.
2. Fig. to be the cause of one's own misery. Well, I guess I made my own bed. Now I have to lie in it. "We all make our own beds," said the minister.
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make someone's bed (up

) Go to make the bed (up).
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make one’s bed

tv. to be the cause of one’s own misery. Well, I guess I made my own bed. Now I have to lie in it.
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After you've finished the dishes go up-stairs and make your bed."
If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day.
He went on to publish, 'Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your LifeAnd Maybe The World,' that made it USA Today's best selling books list in 2017.
Breakfast at the north coast -- Best places in Egypt Make your bed: Even though this task is a main point of argument between most parents and their children, making your bed in the morning can be a boosting motivation to have a good day.
For National Make Your Bed Day next month, Appletree has compiled its top 10 tips on how to style a bed like a pro, including its team's most popular bed-making hacks and new ideas on what to do with throws, cushions and other bed accessories.
National make your bed day on September 11th throws the spotlight on the benefits of making the bed every morning.
"I'll get you up to the bathroom and make your bed so you can lie back down," Maria offers.