make somebody's toes curl

make (one's) toes curl

1. To cause one an acute feeling of disgust, shame, embarrassment, or anguish. Her story about the disastrous wedding made everyone's toes curl. The thought of having to give her presentation in front of an audience made her toes curl. I don't know why, but the sound of another person chewing makes my toes curl.
2. To cause one an acute feeling of joy or pleasure. When he leaned in to kiss me at the end of the date, it made my toes curl.
See also: curl, make, toe
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make somebody’s ˈtoes curl

make somebody feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about something: After yesterday’s embarrassing incident, she really didn’t want to go to work. Just thinking about it was enough to make her toes curl. ▶ ˈtoe-curling adj.: a toe-curling performance
See also: curl, make, toe
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