make noises

make noises about (something)

To have a very broad, general discussion about something one might do or wants to do, without getting into specific details or plans. She's been making noises about going to art school for years, but so far she hasn't made any steps toward making that happen.
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make noises

COMMON If you make noises about something you might do, you mention it briefly in a way that is not definite or detailed. Hall has recently been making noises about buying back the club. His mother had started making noises about it being time for him to leave home. Note: Adjectives are sometimes added before noises. He made all sorts of encouraging noises that he would love Scotland to stage the European Championships.
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make ˈnoises (about something)

(informal) show that you are interested in something/in doing something, but not in a direct way: The government has been making noises about listening to the public but it still hasn’t changed any of its policies.She hasn’t exactly said that she wants to change her job but she has been making noises in that direction.
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As Lee tinkered with the oversensitive gizmo back in Mississippi, lab conversation drifted to speculation on whether fire ants make noises and what they'd sound like if they did.
They didn't know how to cue the ant to make noises. After hours of experimentation, one of Lee's colleagues discovered that attaching a weight to the ant's antenna provoked a recordable sound.