make mad

make (one) mad

1. To make one very angry, irritated, or vexed. OK, it was funny at first, but now your jokes are just making me mad! I know it made her mad to see the company she'd spent her life building be dismantled the incompetent new CEO.
2. To cause one to become unhinged, insane, or mentally unstable. Trying to deal with the complaints and requests of so many different people and departments is enough to make a person mad! They prescribed me medication to deal with the anxiety, but I felt like it made me a bit mad.
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make (one) mad (at someone or something)

To cause one to become angry toward someone or something. I made up that story about someone else scratching the car because I didn't want to make Dad mad at me. It's perfectly normal for such an unfair turn of events to make you mad!
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make someone mad

(at someone or something) Go to mad (at someone or something).
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A BECAUSE you want your husband to make mad passionate etc to you.