make little of (someone or something)

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make little of (someone or something)

To criticize, deprecate, or belittle someone or something. I can tell that the rest of the team makes little of the work I contribute. Sarah's father made little of her for her entire childhood, but it only gave her the resolve to do great things.
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make little of someone or something

to minimize someone or something; to play someone or something down; to belittle someone or something. John made little of my efforts to collect money for charity. The neighbors made little of John and thought he would amount to nothing.
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make ˈlittle of something

1 treat something as unimportant or less important than expected: She made little of all the problems in the department and said everything was all right.
2 hardly understand something: I read the article on the relationship between physics and art, but I’m afraid I could make little of it.
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