make light of something

make light of (something)

1. To joke about something and not take it seriously. I know it's fun to make light of what happened, but the truth is that you both could have been seriously injured.
2. To treat something as insignificant or unimportant. The senator's spokesperson tried to make light of the allegations by saying similar accusations are made all the time.
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make light of something

If you make light of something, you treat it as though it is not serious or important, when in fact it is. Roberts attempted to make light of his discomfort. If he had problems, he made light of them.
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make ˈlight of something

treat something or behave as if something is less serious, important etc. than it really is: She was in great pain but she always made light of it.They made light of their difficulties but it was obvious that things were going badly.
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