make inroads in/into something

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make inroads into something

Fig. to succeed in getting something done or at least started. George was unable to make inroads into solving the problem. We are making no inroads into the high-priority project.
See also: inroad, make

make inroads into

Encroach on, advance at another's expense, as in The Japanese rapidly made inroads into the computer-chip market. The noun inroad originally meant "an invasion." [Late 1600s]
See also: inroad, make

make inroads in/into something

1 reduce the amount of something: Repairs to the house had made deep inroads into their savings.
2 advance successfully into a new area: Doctors are making great inroads in the fight against cancer.Their products are already making inroads in these new markets.
See also: inroad, make, something
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It already has begun to make inroads in the luxury segment with its Audi brand competing head-to-head with lower-end BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars.
If we can make inroads in hypertension, we'll be making inroads for a whole sphere of very serious diseases," he says.