make bed

make one's (own) bed

1. Lit. to restore order to the bedclothes on one's own bed. Jimmy, you are old enough to make your own bed.
2. Fig. to be the cause of one's own misery. Well, I guess I made my own bed. Now I have to lie in it. "We all make our own beds," said the minister.
See also: bed, make
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Summary: A group of women - and now men and kids too - collects unwanted fabrics from tailors to make bed sheets and bags for the needy
Secretary Shulkin agreed, where practical, to make beds that are not being used by Veterans available to non-Veteran nursing home residents as needed, while ensuring VA continues its primary mission of providing health care to Veterans.
Contract notice: services of cleaning and to make beds of the residence, day center and home of old of reus.