make a present of something

make a present of (something)

1. Literally, to give something to someone as a gift. I'm planning to make a present of this scarf I'm knitting. Maybe I'll give it to my grandmother.
2. By extension, to be so careless with one's property or possessions that they are easily stolen or exploited. A majority of online consumers keep making presents of their personal information by using the same easy-to-guess password for all of their accounts. Police are reminding homeowners that they can avoid making a present of their belongings while on vacation by locking the doors and windows and putting at least one light on a timer.
See also: make, of, present

make a ˈpresent of something (to somebody)

make it easy for somebody to take or steal something from you, or to gain an advantage over you, because you have been careless: Before you go out, lock all the doors and windows. Don’t make a present of your property (to thieves).
See also: make, of, present, something