make a play for something

make a play for (someone or something)

1. To attempt to attract someone romantically. I know she's way out of my league, but I'm going to make a play for Stacy.
2. To attempt to attain something, often through some kind of plan or scheme. We need a quarterback, so we're going to make a play for Jones in the offseason. Most start-ups are formed in the hope that some huge corporation will make a play for them before they get too big.
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make a play for something

If someone makes a play for something that they want, they try to get it. Analysts say the company could soon be making a play for properties around the world. The finance minister dismissed accusations that he was making a play for power.
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make a ˈplay for somebody/something

(especially American English) make a well-planned attempt to get something you want: He was making a play for a top government position.If you want to make a play for her, send her flowers.
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