make a pitch for somebody/something

make a pitch for (something)

To make a presentation to influence others to support, purchase, or agree to something. Wanda will be making a pitch for her new product idea at the meeting today. I tried to make a pitch for you to join the band, but the others guys aren't sure about it.
See also: make, pitch

make a pitch for

Say or do something in support of someone or something, as in That announcer really made a pitch for Sunday's concert, or Her agent's been making a pitch for her books all over town. This expression originally alluded to an inflated sales talk that was "pitched" (in the sense of "thrown") at the listener. [Slang; late 1800s]
See also: make, pitch

make a ˈpitch for somebody/something


make a ˈpitch to somebody

(especially American English) make a determined effort to get something or to persuade somebody of something: Both presidential candidates have promised to make a pitch for better roads and schools.