make a fool of somebody/yourself

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make a fool (out) of someone

 and make a monkey (out) of someone
to make someone look foolish. John made a monkey out of himself while trying to make a fool out of Jim. John made a fool out of himself at the party. Are you trying to make a monkey out of me?
See also: fool, make, of

make a fool of

Also, make an ass or monkey out of . Cause someone or oneself to look foolish or stupid. For example, John doesn't mind making a fool of himself at parties, or They made an ass of me by giving me the wrong instructions, or Just watch him make a monkey out of this amateur chess player. The use of fool and ass date from the early 1600s; the latter is sometimes put more rudely as make a horse's ass of, alluding to a horse's behind. The use of monkey dates from about 1900.
See also: fool, make, of

make a ˈfool of somebody/yourself

make somebody/yourself appear stupid or ridiculous: Last time you drank champagne, you made a complete fool of yourself.The interviewer made a real fool of me; I just couldn’t answer her question.
See also: fool, make, of, somebody