make a clean break

clean break

A complete removal from a (usually negative) situation, relationship, or attachment, with no intention of returning. After spending years in an emotionally abusive relationship, Patrick finally decided to make a clean break and leave his girlfriend.
See also: break, clean

make a clean break (from/with someone or something)

To remove oneself wholly and permanently from a relationship, situation, or attachment. I've been lingering too much on the mistakes I made in the past. It's high time I made a clean break and started fresh! The esteemed scientist, having made a clean break with her former university, has set up a new research firm in Silicon Valley. I think I need to make a clean break from Robert. Our relationship has just grown so co-dependent lately.
See also: break, clean, make, someone
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make a clean break

remove yourself completely and finally from a situation or relationship.
See also: break, clean, make
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