make a beeline for somebody/something

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make a beeline for (someone or something)

To head directly and quickly toward something or some place. I knew the boss was angry, so when I saw her come in, I made a beeline for the break room. Every day when I come home from work, my toddler makes a beeline for me—it's just the cutest thing.
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make a beeline for something

If you make a beeline for something, you go straight to it without any hesitation or delay. The boys headed for computer games while the girls made a beeline for the dolls. I made a beeline for the exit. Note: People use to think that bees, having collected the pollen (= powder made by flowers), flew back to the hive in a straight line. In fact, this belief has been proved to be incorrect. `As the crow flies' is based on a similar idea.
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make a ˈbeeline for somebody/something

(informal) move directly towards somebody/something: The children made a beeline for the food the moment they came in.
This idiom refers to the way bees fly in a straight line when they return to the hive (= the box that they live in).
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