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Labour candidate: Chris Matheson Majority: 93 Swing that could lose the seat to the Tories: 0.1%
PAUL MONAGHAN CAITHNESS, SUTHERLAND & EASTER ROSS Majority - 3844 Lib Dems want to win back seat from SNP.
Anthony Petruccelli (D-East Boston) was promoted to majority whip and Sen.
Republicans also picked Mitch McConnell of Kentucky to be Senate majority leader.
* 28 percent of Buddhists live in the seven countries where Buddhists are in the majority Note
The Commission therefore proposed to set up an independent panel to prepare decisions on matters subject to simple majority. These decisions will be considered adopted unless they are rejected by a simple majority that includes at least three states participating in the SSM and three that are not participating.
These politicians are looking to jump on the bandwagon of the government majority likely to be formed if President Jalal Talabani's efforts to resolve current tensions fail.
* Current control: Plaid Cymru backed by some Independents * Nature of contest: Seeing whether Labour can regain control * Most likely outcome: Labour overall majority 4.
Liverpool Riverside was retained, as predicted, by Labour's Louise Ellman, who secured a majority of 14,173, or 36.5%.
The Legislature placed a revised version of the measure on a 1997 special-election ballot and, in a good-faith effort to honor the voters' intent, retained the double majority provision.
The change undoes a reform by Benedict's predecessor, Pope John Paul II, which permitted election by a simple majority under certain circumstances.
Libby Mitchell was the first woman elected majority leader and speaker (1996) in the Maine House of Representatives.
Overall, a majority of students endorsed lectures as more effective for four of the goals 23 listed and endorsed the effectiveness of PBL for 11 goals.
Someone could start the criticism with lies, wave the rally flag, and ride a wave of emotion to get the majority against the activity until the law was changed to prohibit it.
This was the gist of Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Luie Tito Guia's position paper on the poll body's selection of dominant majority and minority parties in the midterm elections.