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major in (something)

To complete a college or university degree with a particular subject as its focus. Originally I thought I would major in English literature, but I switch to psychology in my second year. Samantha's majoring in economics, with a minor in history.
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major league(s)

An area, echelon, or sphere of great competition, success, power, achievement, etc. Refers to the major leagues of sports teams. I know you're new here, but you need to perform much better if you want to stay in this law firm. You're in the major leagues now. Welcome to the major league of politics, senator.
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major in something

to specialize in a certain subject in college. I majored in history in college. I want to major in math.
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major in

To complete a long-term course of study in some subject that is one's main focus: In high school I was interested in math, but in college I majored in history.
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mod. excellent; serious; severe. (Collegiate.) This rally is, like, major! Nick is a major dweeb.
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Sterling: Marcel Damiano, majoring in sound recording technology; William Foley, majoring in exercise physiology; Nikolai Kush, majoring in business administration; Elliot Moore, majoring in business administration; and Theresa Pallotta, majoring in exercise physiology.
Ross, a senior from Houston majoring in business administration.
A senior from Toledo, Ohio, she is majoring in biology and plans to become a certified personal trainer.
Alyssa Beary, daughter of Marcia Beary and John Beary, will attend UMass Amherst, majoring in public health sciences.
Kassidy Beyerlin, daughter of Gregg MacKenzie, will attend UMass Amherst, majoring in biology.
A native of Rochester, N.Y., she is a sophomore majoring in child psychology.
SEWARD, is a senior from Dolphin, Va., majoring in chemistry.
Meaghan Dunn of Shrewsbury is a sophomore majoring in engineering.
William Frankian of Northboro is a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering.
Wilkes, is a senior from Yonkers, N.Y., majoring in elementary education.
The Beaumont, Texas, native is a senior majoring in biology.
Miss Southern University at Baton Rouge is Krystal Pugh, a senior majoring in mass communications.
Michael Burns, freshman majoring in computer science.
Catherine Campbell is a senior majoring in biology and biotechnology.
Bianca Baldassarre is the daughter of James and Jackie Baldassarre and will be attending UMass Boston, majoring in political sciences.