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maintain (oneself or someone) in (something)

To allow oneself or someone to live a particular lifestyle. Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to maintain ourselves in this lavish manse anymore.
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maintain (something) at (something)

To keep something at a particular setting or level. I try to maintain my savings at $1,000, at least, in case of emergencies.
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maintain someone in something

to keep or provide for someone in a certain style or condition. I insist that you maintain me in the style to which I have become accustomed. He had hoped to maintain himself in comfort.
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maintain something at something

to keep something at a certain level, setting, degree, amount, etc. You must maintain the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius. We have to maintain the temperature at a very high level.
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KeyBanc maintained an Overweight rating and raised the price target from $84 to $105.
Dexia Crediop SpA.'s long-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) was maintained at 'A'.
The central bank maintained its rate for the third straight month to support economic growth.
Concerns developed about security and viruses, and the staff found it difficult to maintain all the different systems.
Lapan (2002) maintains that self-regulated learners use their knowledge to guide them in the implementation of self-regulatory strategies and metacognitive knowledge to recognize the conditions and contexts for when these strategies should be used.
The world's first(1) snowblower featuring a function for maintaining a constant snow discharge distance (in auto mode and power mode), snow discharge distance is maintained by automatically adjusting travel speed in response to the work load, and by maintaining a constant engine speed with the new electronic STR governor.
For example, for politico-military affairs, the Country directors maintain close working relationships with their counterparts in AF/XOXX, the Office of the OSD, Joint Staff (JS), Unified Commands, Air Force Component Commands, Department of State (DoS), and the U.S.
For a virus cycle to be successfully maintained, the average transmission ratio (the average number of new cases caused by each infected host) must be [greater than or equal to] 1.
Financial institutions are to develop and implement a response program designed to address incidents of unauthorized access to sensitive customer information, maintained by the institution or its service provider, that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to the customer.
Due to changing mission requirements, there may be a requirement to demolish a facility in which the ESCO has performed work and maintains. It is not acceptable to either keep a facility from being demolished or to require a buyout of an entire task order due to a single facility demolition.
The experienced biomedical librarians who create and maintain the Health Topic pages organize them into categories such as overviews, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
Ultimately the increase in skin blood flow will result in the failure to maintain adequate blood flow to the working muscles.
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