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maintain (oneself or someone) in (something)

To allow oneself or someone to live a particular lifestyle. Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to maintain ourselves in this lavish manse anymore.
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maintain (something) at (something)

To keep something at a particular setting or level. I try to maintain my savings at $1,000, at least, in case of emergencies.
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maintain someone in something

to keep or provide for someone in a certain style or condition. I insist that you maintain me in the style to which I have become accustomed. He had hoped to maintain himself in comfort.
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maintain something at something

to keep something at a certain level, setting, degree, amount, etc. You must maintain the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius. We have to maintain the temperature at a very high level.
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During the proceedings, Tiwari's advocate Rajiv Nayyar had contended that Rohit's plea was barred under the time limitation and hence it was not maintainable.
Easy-to-Use Automated Testing - Provides a unified automation environment for test creation, test execution, and test maintenance so customers can build modular, reusable and highly maintainable test automation architectures.
The court rejected the petitions declaring them non maintainable and disposed off the case.
Developer benefits include: quicker creation of data-driven screens; lowered skill set requirements for designers; and more easily maintainable screens due to separation of data and presentation.
He said the oath commissioner's stamp and date was missing in the election petition and as per Supreme Court judgement, such a petition was not maintainable.
Structure site layout and content to make their sites faster and more maintainable
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday declared non maintainable a petition seeking registration of case against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi under terror act.
JS-Sorcerer is the first set of tools to enable developers of these interactive applications to more rapidly create reliable and maintainable web applications.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court while declaring the contempt of court application maintainable submitted by Pakistan top supermodel Ayyan Ali against Ministry of Interior issued on Thursday notices to Secretary Interior, Additional Secretary Interior, Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and DG Immigration Karachi Airport.
By offering an ISA-95-enabled manufacturing solution with a certified interface to SAP, customers can reuse their integration efforts across multiple manufacturing facilities and create an infrastructure that is maintainable for the long term.
In his final arguments on Saturday, Barrister Asjad Saeed raising questions on maintainability of petition submitted that it was not maintainable as attached affidavits did not fulfil legal requirements.
a leading provider of electronic system-level (ESL) and hardware description language (HDL) design solutions, and Actis Design, LLC, the leader in SystemC linting tools, today announced their collaboration aimed at promoting SystemC coding styles that ensure increased productivity and high-quality, maintainable code.
KARACHI -- Sindh High Court (SHC) has reserved judgment that contempt of court petition filed against the Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif is maintainable or otherwise.
More than half of all the MDX engines on the market today are built on Simba's technology, and with the enhancements to SimbaProvider and option for 64-bit support within the MDX engine, we continue to offer the easiest, most maintainable, interoperable and solid platform for building multi-dimensional data connectivity.
Justice Amir Farooq remarked the court will see if the petition is maintainable or otherwise.