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maintain (oneself or someone) in (something)

To allow oneself or someone to live a particular lifestyle. Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to maintain ourselves in this lavish manse anymore.
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maintain (something) at (something)

To keep something at a particular setting or level. I try to maintain my savings at least $1,000, in case of emergencies.
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maintain someone in something

to keep or provide for someone in a certain style or condition. I insist that you maintain me in the style to which I have become accustomed. He had hoped to maintain himself in comfort.
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maintain something at something

to keep something at a certain level, setting, degree, amount, etc. You must maintain the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius. We have to maintain the temperature at a very high level.
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4 Responsibility and a accountability for system maintainability have been assigned.
The 2005 DoD Guide for Achieving Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability, is available on the OUSD (AT & L) Systems Engineering Web site at <http://www.
However, the court directed DAG to forward further arguments regarding maintainability and adjourned the matter till April 4.
If no progress was made with respect to directions by court in judgement dated May 12,2011, the federation's counsel and attorney general of Pakistan should render final arguments regarding maintainability on next date of hearing for decision by the court", it was added.
K Dogar, counsel for petitioner to give arguments on maintainability of his petition.
During the 18-month Phase III program, JETEYE will continue flying on the same American Airlines 767 and will also fly on an ABX Air cargo aircraft to continue the reduction of the potential cost to the airline industry by streamlining system installation, reducing aerodynamic drag, and improving reliability and maintainability.
LHC Chief Justice remarked " give the arguments first of all about maintainability or non maintainability of the petition and then the decision will be given".
ISLAMABAD, April 17, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The Islamabad High Court on Friday rejected a plea against appointment of Justice Sheikh Hakim Ali as judge of the Supreme Court on the ground of maintainability of the petition.
A complex transportation system such as the Metro Line 5 requires a powerful command-and-control system that can provide reliability, maintainability and safety," says Kinesix CEO Russ Jamerson.
DALLAS -- Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) of Mexico joins a growing number of generating companies and regional transmission operators (RTOs) to select Solomon's GADS NxL(TM) as their tool of choice for analyzing generating unit performance, reliability, availability, and maintainability data.
The new features draw on programming language design and user experience over the past ten years, and they should serve to increase Ada's attractiveness in applications where reliability, safety, efficiency, and maintainability are demanded.
We will be able to take advantage of the latest controls technology for our installed base of robots in order to ensure maintainability and increase productivity.
The objective of the FEED effort was to provide a high-level design of a system that would facilitate safety, reliability, maintainability, operation efficiency and integration of terminal operations information systems, enabling an upward integration from the terminal's unit level controls to Cheniere's corporate offices.
Smiths' single box HUMS will provide increased aircraft safety, availability, reliability, maintainability and Life Cycle Costs.
RadMax(TM) engine, which focused on eliminating leak paths and was designed for maintainability.