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When equipment that was covered under ESPC is removed, the government and the ESCO negotiate what can be covered of the new equipment under ESPC to maintain the same service level for which the ESCO being paid.
NLM is releasing a Go Local hosting system, which it will maintain centrally, to help states and regions make services available to residents and their families and friends.
And the Cardinal did not miss an opportunity to explain that the priesthood itself is a "state of sanctity," Maintain finds this conception rather bizarre
To take off smoothly and maintain rhythm and balance, the athlete must place more emphasis on lifting the lead leg with a slightly bent knee (Photos 1-2) than on "pushing off the ground.
Trying to maintain a lawn might cost people lot of money,'' Dispenza said.
The higher growth rate is principally due to the fact that the composite maintains a greater percentage of assets that are invested in fixed-income securities than that of the property/casualty industry.
In order to work toward a vision of sustainable ecosystems and communities, we believe it is necessary to focus on actions to restore and maintain trees and forests as critical components and indicators of healthy ecosystems.
Because moisturizing the epidermis maintains the skin's suppleness and pliability, moisturizers are an important part of skin care.
This increased cooperation would allow agencies and communities to maintain capabilities while redirecting funds to other areas within police budgets.
Antiquated processing and storage methods are costly to maintain and operate.
Sealing characteristics: Many dynamic rubber articles often must support a load and maintain their original height within tolerances.
Cold temperatures damages cells by impairing their ability to maintain a proper ion balance, says Rubinsky.
As a supporter of the Community Fisheries Involvement Program (CFIP), Chambers explained that hatcheries can be erected to help maintain the fish stocks in the province and create public awareness of and enthusiasm for environmentally sound fishing.
But, in order for the foundryman to maintain these desirable and consistent properties, he must devise a sand use system that uses the right compliment of equipment and follows testing procedures that promote casting consistency.
Faced with increasing competition and pressure to control costs and maintain profitability, property management firms and their suppliers can prosper in this market by ensuring exceptional customer service.