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If you like your food, then head for Main Street Caf, Somerton, for one of their regular cookery lessons, or for wine lovers, Yuma's Main Squeeze is a must.
Photographer Ross Mantle captures an intimate moment between Wiz and main squeeze, Amber Rose.
Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard brings some much-needed va-va-vavoom as Dillinger's main squeeze, and in her scenes with Depp the film hints at real emotional depth.
The kids at the party were definitely into the arts, as they jostled for position to get close to singer Nikka Costa and hot DJ Steve Aoki, who actually needed bodyguards to stave off his rabid fans, including "High School Musical" star Monique Coleman, James Kyson Lee of "Heroes" fame and cutie Micah Alberti, Rumer's main squeeze.
The adolescent crush, which usually seeks the shortest route, is often directed at a sibling's main squeeze.
Briefly: It was a big fight about me and God and them and hellfire that ended with us not talking for six months until an older family member, who's also a conservative evangelical Christian but oddly down for at least this gay and this gay's main squeeze, piped up and said, "Y'all aren't acting much like Jesus right now.
Gilmore's 4:59-minute, two-channel Main Squeeze (2006) shows her crawling on hands and knees along a narrow, slanted 10-footlong wooden tunnel, roughly the width of the artist's body.
Instead, the former Queen of Nice walked out to a standing ovation, and talked candidly about her life with partner Kelli Carpenter O'Donnell, her experience coming out ("I sort of thought everybody knew"), and even joked that a large bouquet of flowers on the set was sent to her by her former fantasy main squeeze, Tom Cruise, whom she always referred to as "my Tommy" when she was hosting The Rosie O'Donnell Show.
Costner's main squeeze, Mary McDonnell, should have been called She who has capped teeth.
Since the 1970s, couples living together outside marriage have found new ways to introduce each other, including apartmates, convivante, main squeeze, significant other, jellyroll, and paramour.
What else could be more wonderful than your best movie, your main squeeze, a glass of wine and a massage in the dark?
When it comes to food at home, supermarkets still have what it takes to be consumers' main squeeze.
Artist Elizabeth Dion's work hangs in Chef Ryan's Cafe and Main Squeeze Juice Bar on 3rd Street.
Now, I'm no concert-goer (passed up Woodstock and haven't been to: much since), but there was at 8 sharp in my high-heeled sneakers with my main squeeze by my side at the Beacon, in; Manhattan.