mail to

mail (something) to (one)

To send a letter or package through the postal system to one. I've got to mail this check to the phone company before they shut off my phone lines! I'll have to leave some things here when I move—will you be able to mail them to me later?
See also: mail

mail something to someone

to send something to someone by mail. I mailed the check to you yesterday. I mailed a gift to my niece.
See also: mail
References in classic literature ?
The last burst carried the mail to the summit of the hill.
It said the contractor who carried the mail to Iran dropped Iran from its operations.
Latest recommended posting date for surface mail to Eastern Europe, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta and Iceland, is Thursday 2 November 2017
"We are providing more reach and getting more creative in how we deliver mail to our globally deployed maritime service members," said Ramon Arredondo, NAVSUP GLS mail routing analyst.
Postmen and women are encouraged to report suspect mail to Royal Mail's internal security team, who will then pass the information to National Trading Standards so they can investigate.
UK Mail is among the operators unions accuse of cherry picking contracts to collect and sort post from big businesses, leaving Royal Mail to deliver the items.
UK Mail are among the operators unions accuse of cherrypicking contracts to collect and sort post from big businesses, leaving Royal Mail to deliver the items.
34% of business to consumer marketers consider direct mail to provide the best return on investment, making it the best method of marketing in their view (Target Marketing).
Currently, all states use voting by mail to some degree, most commonly in the form of absentee ballots mailed to registered voters who cannot, or choose not to, vote in person on Election Day.
To the delivery officer - to me and people like me - the postmen who bring the mail to your door, it is more than likely the second.
Melissa Data shares tips on using Saturation Mail to save up to 25% on direct mail postage
"In regard to TNT's assertion that Royal Mail still delivers almost all mail, it's worth noting that one in five of all letters are now collected by rivals and although they pay Royal Mail to deliver this mail, the price is not realistic and Royal Mail last financial year lost pounds 44m on this."
"However, customers can collect their mail after 8.30am or arrange for their mail to be delivered on the normal scheduled delivery."
It was when the acquisitive father-of-one decided to move a few miles away to Neath Abbey, Neath, last May that he was caught because he sent the huge haul of mail to be recycled.
I enjoy opening that mail to see who has rented what list.