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ice maiden

pejorative A coolly composed, unemotional woman; a woman without affection or warmth of feeling. I don't know how Janet can go out with an ice maiden like Mary. Many see the prime minister as some kind of ice maiden, but I think she's just being as tough as she needs to be.
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maiden voyage

1. The first time a vehicle, especially a boat or ship, departs on a journey. My parents bought my a car for my birthday! I can't wait to take it out on its maiden voyage. The Queen attended the maiden voyage of the new Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier.
2. By extension, the first time one experiences or goes through something. This is the quarterback's maiden voyage in the Super Bowl.
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maiden voyage

Fig. the first voyage of a ship or boat. The liner sank on its maiden voyage. Jim is taking his yacht on its maiden voyage.
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maiden voyage

The first experience, as in This tennis tournament is my maiden voyage in statewide competition. This term, originally meaning the first voyage of a ship, was first recorded in 1901, but the use of maiden to signify "the first time" dates from the mid-1500s.
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Maiden Scotland will take to the stage atThe Bungalow Bar tomorrow.
All of his form is on ground with plenty of cut, and while he clearly is not good enough to win a maiden hurdle, he is potentially very interesting in a handicap hurdle, hopefully in the 80-95 bracket and potentially over further.
India's Stuart Binny (4th Test), Sri Lanka's Lasith Malinga, England's Ben Strokes and Mark Wood and Australia's Michael Beer complete the list of the bowlers who missed the maiden Test wicket because of a no ball.
Maiden manager Rod Smallwood says: "I don't want to give too much away at the moment but we're working on a number of different stage sets, all in keeping with the Maiden tradition and we hope to give our fans a fantastic experience when they come to see this very special show.
Later, he explained his philosophy of life as part of the Maiden family.
Skipper Tracy Edwards achievement with Maiden in 1990 inspired a generation of women.
Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson will be flying the plane.
Back on good ground, the Mouse Morris-trained Bleeding Hearts is worth noting in the Loch Garman Maiden Hurdle.
We'll be playing the aACAyhits' as well as the deep album cuts for the hardcore Maiden fans," Kristen Rosengerg told tabloid
John Gosden has an impressive strike-rate at newcastle and Beyond smart should help maintain it in the Betfred 4x The odds on Lucky 31''''s EBF Maiden stakes.
There is also a very interesting fillies' maiden over a mile in which Gosden's newcomer Night Fever warrants close inspection.
Cushman & Wakefield represented Maiden Lane Development LLC in the sale of 151-161 Maiden Lane to Fortis Property Group for $64 million or $257 per buildable square foot.
Brit Insurance and Maiden Holdings say they have entered a temporary 100% quota-share reinsurance agreement bewteen Maiden's Excess and Surplus unit, Maiden Specialty, and Brit Global Specialty.