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As of August 1994, millions of "Magic Eye" fans are certainly interested in staring at Baccei's seemingly abstract color pictures until they see the hidden three-dimensional images coded in by computer.
The winning combination of USTERA(r) JOSSI VISION SHIELD 2 with the USTERA(r) JOSSI MAGIC EYE and the USTERA(r) QUANTUM 3 yarn clearers have helped Texhong to develop its business in a quality-sensitive and challenging market sector, without risking either quality claims or customer discontent.
I might as well have been looking at one of those magic eye pictures.
We now have the new box and because of the "upgrade" we've lost the "magic eye" connection to all the other TVs in the house, which now sit idle, silently mocking me for trusting in her gunboat diplomacy skills.
When colour formed part of the paper, pre-printed reels were fed into the press and a 'magic eye' computer ensured that the colour pictures fell into their correct positions.
We call it his magic eye - he's knows he hasn't got two real eyes.
Chachamaidee produced a career best when comprehensively defeating Dever Dream last time, a race in which two other of today's opponents, Rimth and Magic Eye, were fourth and sixth.
AT FIRST glance a QR code could be mistaken as a strange magic eye picture.
Forms of such 'autostereoscopy' do already exist--the 'magic eye' pictures and we use random-dot stereograms in the consulting room.
In the meantime, the Harry Potter Magic Eye Book: 3D Magical Creatures, Beasts and Beings ($16.99) from Andrews McMeel Publishing, brings a new dimension to wizards and Muggles alike--offering an enchanting collection of more than 30 mesmerizing Magic Eye 3D illusions.
And when lovers Tamino and Pamina reach their nirvana, it is like a Dali artwork with a magic eye and three huge hands.
It's a hypnotic image, sort of Magic Eye avant la lettre.
"The knee is not so good, so I'm having magic eye surgery by Thursday at the latest," said Elliott.
Fly-drive holidays to Orlando from November to March start at pounds 369, including car insurance, with Magic Eye (tel: 0161 929 5268).
The finest white PP contamination is reliably and efficiently detected with the USTER(r) JOSSI MAGIC EYE in combination with the USTER(r) JOSSI VISION SHIELD.