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slang Extremely drunk. Martin brought a huge bottle of whiskey with him for us to pass around, and we were all positively maggoty by the end of the evening.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated; very drunk. (A play on rotten.) Rotten, hell. They were absolutely maggotty!


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Maggotty, my dear Ribby: he is a Pie himself, he will certainly understand."
The patty-pan was under the pump, where Dr Maggotty had considerately left it.
With his short, humiliated legs, his little beard and great eyes, Uncle Braun was ordered by irrational decree to leave wife and child to eat maggotty pork in the Czar's army.
It spends the first two years of its life developing underground as a sort of maggotty mush and, as a result, doesn't have a clue how to use its legs or which way is up.
The stagnant water seeps down my back and a strange maggotty thing attaches itself to my hand.