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girlie magazine

A magazine containing pictures of nude or nearly nude women for the purpose of sexual titillation. You've gotta hide your girlie magazines better, dude—you don't want your mom to find them!
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have (one's) nose in a book

To be reading a book. Often used of people who always seem to be reading. He's had his nose in a book for the entire camping trip. I wish he would take a break and enjoy the scenery. Poor Mary is so shy. She just has her nose in a book wherever she goes.
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have (one's) nose in a magazine

To be reading a magazine. Often used of people who always seem to be reading. He's had his nose in a magazine for the entire camping trip. I wish he would take a break and enjoy the scenery. Poor Mary is so shy. She just has her nose in a magazine wherever she goes.
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have your nose in a ˈbook, magaˈzine, etc.

(informal) be reading something and giving it all your attention: She’s always got her nose in a book.
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girlie magazine

n. a magazine featuring pictures of nude women. The girlie magazines were hidden under the counter.
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While not enough data has been collected yet in Milwaukee to accurately depict how the national advertisement and local outreach projects will affect recycling rates, preliminary data shows an increase in magazine and catalog recycling rates.
Rooks concludes her study by briefly discussing Essence magazine, long considered the first African American women's magazine, and O, Oprah Winfrey's magazine.
The company has a sales staff of four, two each in Tokyo and Osaka, who supply the magazine to salesmen and lend an ear to their problems.
I have been associated with TNA during its entire existence, and during that time I have heard a number of other encouraging stories about how the magazine has positively impacted subscribers and others.
"It makes so much of the information we disseminate through the magazine and through and the Black Wealth Initiative accessible and inviting to an audience who may not have explored those more conventional products."
But I wanted more--not about how the magazine has survived financially, but about how Navasky brought together the writers that make up what we know as The Nation today.
However, we take issue, lust as publishers are in the business of selling books--and they dress those books in jackets that will attract readers--we at Black Issues Book Review want to draw the widest possible audience to our magazine about the world of black books.
The magazine clearly had to become international to a much greater degree than it had ever been.
The .40-automatic cartridge provides ballistic performance closer to the .45 automatic, while being chambered in handguns with 9-millimeter-size frames and offering magazine capacities higher than many .45-automatic handguns.
That first editorial promised to carve out a distinctive niche for the new magazine. In the ensuing half-century, we did that by tuning our editorial focus like a laser to shine only on one reader--the processor.
During her tenure, Naval Aviation News evolved from a monthly, black-and-white magazine to a bimonthly, color publication.
There are three required movements to position any part of the magazine system directly under the instrument probe and bring a sample into a measurement position: the rotation of the magazine system ([theta]), the linear motion of the magazine system (x), and the vertical displacement (z) (see Fig.
MPA--The Association of Magazine Media is the industry association for multiplatform magazine companies.
To clarify a few of the differences between this third generation of Magpul AR mags and the previous, the Gen M3 magazines have a tab at the rear to prevent over-insertion, texturing that is more raised on the magazine body, and some fitment tweaks that now allow it to work with the USMC's M27IAR, which has a non-Colt-specification magazine well.