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The MADS and the beauty: genes involved in the development of orchid flowers.
Functional characterization of OsMADS18, a member of the AP1/SQUA subfamily of MADS box genes.
MADS goes genomic in conifers: towards determining the ancestral set of MADS-box genes in seed plants.Ann Bot.114(7):1407-1429.
Inflorescence meristem identity in rice is specified by overlapping functions of three AP1/FUL-like MADS box genes and PAP2, a SEPALLATA MADS box gene.
Aragones, Jaffee and Davis were among eight veteran MAD contributors gathering Saturday for a rare reunion on the Georgia coast.
Their art is hanging in a gallery, while their schedule includes workshops with the college's art students and a panel discussion on MAD's history and their work.
John Lowe, the Savannah art college's dean of communication arts, said the MAD reunion represents "roughly 400 years' worth of comic book experience collected in one place."
A MADS record contains at least one authority field, which includes the authoritative form of the entity and any number of variant or related forms.
Because MADS is derived from the MARC 21 Authority format, which has been used for more than 30 years, its underlying model is well-established.
Cons: Since MADS has not yet been widely implemented, it could still be considered experimental, and wider experience using it may result in refinements to the schema.
Jaffee still laughs at how a MAD writer, during a tour of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, shattered the hushed reverence by remarking that Michelangelo's painted ceiling was so priceless that God couldn't afford the rent.
Jaffee's MAD fold-ins -- which have jabbed at everything from the Beatles and the Vietnam War to TMZ and "The Jersey Shore" -- recently received the kind of star treatment normally reserved for major literary works.