make (one) sick

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make (one) sick

1. Literally, to cause one to be ill, especially to vomit. I think those oysters made me sick. I felt awful all night. The choppiness of the waves made me sick almost instantly, and I had to vomit over the side of the boat.
2. To disgust one. Those slasher movies make me sick. Why would anyone want to watch that? How could you possibly lie to me again? You make me sick!
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make someone sick

to disgust someone. I am really tired of your vile talk. You make me sick! She screamed at him that he made her sick and then she ran out of the house.
See also: make, sick

make one sick

Disgust one, as in Your constant complaining makes me sick. This expression transfers the sensations of physical illness to strong negative sentiments. [c. 1800]
See also: make, one, sick

make somebody ˈsick

(informal) make somebody angry or disgusted: You make me sick, lying around in front of the TV all day!Look how much these people are earning! It makes you sick.
See also: make, sick, somebody
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It made us sick to our stomach and so mad we could do nothing but clench our fists.
Mary, 52, said: "This was our worst nightmare but what really made us sick was the way we were treated.
For a performance that was full of grit and determination and doing everything to make sure Arsenal couldn't score, to lose a goal so easily has made us sick to the stomach.
But hearing that it was all so unnecessary made us sick as dogs," said Dave Morrisey.
They tell us to shun the technological pig, the pesticide, the nuclear fuel, not because they made us sick yesterday, but because the model says they will make us sick some day'.
But what happened after the Portugal game as we headed down the tunnel made us sick to our stomachs.
What a choice America has between two Thunderbirds puppets who both spout the same nothingness: "Balanced budgets, keep taxes down, up defence spending, we've tried drugs but only a couple of times and it made us sick.
Last year in theUnited States, perhaps as many as 81 million times, what made us sick was something we ate.
Yes, that woolly wonder that made us sick in the Sixties, and cringe in the Seventies.
The food was cold, it wasn't cooked and it would probably have made us sick if we'd eaten it.