make (something) stick

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make (something) stick

To cause something to be permanent, established, or able to persist. I've been trying to teach my class the equation all week, but nothing seems to make it stick. The district attorney is afraid we won't be able to make the charges stick if we arrest the suspect now.
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make stick

Make effective or permanent, as in They tried to appeal but our lawyers made the verdict stick. This idiom uses stick in the sense of "adhere." [First half of 1900s]
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make something stick

If you make something stick, you make it continue to be successful or effective. Mr. Kasparov held the advantage in the first game but could not make it stick.
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time when I to see what them are made stick our and meet the head on Bruce "We've got to match the expectations," he added.
We made stick figures out of air-dry modeling compound and added clothes.
Some even bring a specially made stick to throw in the water for their dogs.
You need to ensure that the changes already made stick and that you go on improving.
The claim that Gregory made stick, at least for a moment--that the power of the church is comprehensive of the political as well as the spiritual, meaning that the pope is, in effect, the head of the state as well as the church--would never play in the modern world and certainly not in America.
The relatively low price--generally, $19.99 to $39.99--and easy use have made stick vacs an increasingly popular option as a second vac and for senior citizens, vendors said.
Not that Sgt Reynolds will be much good on the crime scene as the only charge she's made stick recently is a sexual one when she frisked down Cain.
His Liverpool connections would provide a ready- made stick for the fans.
Were also committed to ensuring that the economic progress weve made sticks around for the long term.
You can really get rid of any tension," said Wilf, who has made sticks for Prince Charles, Princess Anne and the Duke of Gloucester.
Instead of saying Blackpool Rock, the specially made sticks have the Advised in Birmingham logo running through the centre of them.