make (one) sick

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make (one) sick

1. Literally, to cause one to be ill, especially to vomit. I think those oysters made me sick. I felt awful all night. The choppiness of the waves made me sick almost instantly, and I had to vomit over the side of the boat.
2. To disgust one. Those slasher movies make me sick. Why would anyone want to watch that? How could you possibly lie to me again? You make me sick!
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make someone sick

to disgust someone. I am really tired of your vile talk. You make me sick! She screamed at him that he made her sick and then she ran out of the house.
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make one sick

Disgust one, as in Your constant complaining makes me sick. This expression transfers the sensations of physical illness to strong negative sentiments. [c. 1800]
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make somebody ˈsick

(informal) make somebody angry or disgusted: You make me sick, lying around in front of the TV all day!Look how much these people are earning! It makes you sick.
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References in classic literature ?
And some men are made sick by the one, and some by the other.
His master, in many cases, goes off to town, and buys a large quantity; he returns, takes his whip, and commands the slave to eat the molasses, until the poor fellow is made sick at the very mention of it.
He created false online identities to slander her and made sick remarks about his intentions towards her daughter.
Research animals live their lives being poked and prodded by humans, purposefully made sick to keep us well, and they are deprived of the affection and human kindness that many dogs enjoy.
The court heard they were made sick through alcohol and milk and their vomit and urine were used to fill a paddling pool.
Rural Oregonians made sick by herbicide sprays drove hours to Salem, but "public hearings" were canceled at the last minute or switched to "invited testimony only.
A TWITTER troll who made sick jokes about the Hillsborough disaster has had his claim to a newspaper regulator thrown out.
On Tuesday, 10 people in four states - Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Kansas - had been confirmed as having been made sick by Listeria-infected Blue Bell products.
NEARLY 57,000 people were made sick by work in Wales last year, costing the economy hundreds of millions of pounds, new figures have revealed.
People who are chemically sensitive are made sick by exposures to chemicals found in many common products such as pesticides, perfumes, tobacco smoke, new carpets, air "fresheners," new paint and building materials, and many cleaning and laundry products.
The Justice Department will also recognize same-sex couples when determining eligibility for programs such as the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, which pays people who were injured or made sick by the 2001 terrorist attacks.
I reminded her she made sick babies better whilst I merely stood in a room and talked cobblers .
About 130 countries and regions are expected to adopt the Minamata Convention on Mercury, named in honor of the Japanese city where around 2,000 people died and many more were made sick by mercury dumped by a local factory.
London, September 1 ( ANI ): A Twitter user, who posed as Katie Price's baby boy, has made sick posts about her disabled eldest son.
More than six children died in the industry-wide scandal and hundreds were made sick.