make (oneself or something) ready (for someone or something)

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make (oneself or something) ready (for someone or something)

To become or make something prepared for something or someone. I don't think I'll have enough time to make myself ready for the gala this evening! John, please make the spare rooms ready for Jane and the kids before they get here. Gentlemen, make ready for our immediate departure!
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make ˈready (for something)

(formal) prepare (for something): Everyone is very busy here making ready for the royal visit.
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make ready

To make preparations.
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References in classic literature ?
Far away on each hand stretch the rich pastures, and the patches of dark earth made ready for the seed of broad-leaved green crops, or touched already with the tint of the tender-bladed autumn-sown corn.
Thus we made ready for fight; but all this while we kept out to sea, with wind enough, and could see the boats at a distance, being five large longboats, following us with all the sail they could make.
But when her father left them she made ready for what was the chief thing needful--to go to Kitty and console her.
"If my lords are rested we will journey on to Loo, where a hut is made ready for my lords to-night.
The man is rescued Search and rescue spokesman Graham O'Hanlon said: "As the man was being made ready for transportation, the cloud-base fell to a point where the helicopter could no longer be of assistance.
The Invergordon lifeboat was released from service by Aberdeen coastguard and made its way back to Invergordon's West Harbour, arriving back and made ready for service by 10.40pm.
An explosive ridden motorbike was prepared for the suicide attack and a bomber was made ready for it.
"The inshore lifeboat returned to the Ferry Road lifeboat station at 2.20am and was refuelled and made ready for service by 2.30am."
The defendant spoke only to confirm his personal details from the dock during the 11-minute hearing when various directions were made ready for the trial.
Dr Mahathir also said that not all government decisions have been made ready for public consumption.
Popularly known as Al Tabseel , the season involves harvesting the yellow date and boiling it in water for further processing so that it can be made ready for the market.
The plane was refuelled and made ready for departure.
PPP's Naveed Qamar said the online voting software should be made ready for the next elections after 2018, which should be held after biometric verification.
For the full year, projects valued at a combined Dh1.5 billion from its portfolio will be completed and made ready for occupation.