make (oneself or something) ready (for someone or something)

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make (oneself or something) ready (for someone or something)

To become or make something prepared for something or someone. I don't think I'll have enough time to make myself ready for the gala this evening! John, please make the spare rooms ready for Jane and the kids before they get here. Gentlemen, make ready for our immediate departure!
See also: make, ready, someone

make ˈready (for something)

(formal) prepare (for something): Everyone is very busy here making ready for the royal visit.
See also: make, ready

make ready

To make preparations.
See also: make, ready
References in classic literature ?
Far away on each hand stretch the rich pastures, and the patches of dark earth made ready for the seed of broad-leaved green crops, or touched already with the tint of the tender-bladed autumn-sown corn.
Thus we made ready for fight; but all this while we kept out to sea, with wind enough, and could see the boats at a distance, being five large longboats, following us with all the sail they could make.
But when her father left them she made ready for what was the chief thing needful--to go to Kitty and console her.
If my lords are rested we will journey on to Loo, where a hut is made ready for my lords to-night.
In fact the whole southbound carriageway between Leamington Road and Stonehouse Lane was packed with tanks, Bren Gun Carriers, armoured cars and lorries, all being made ready for war.
The scope of work includes all systems and related services from the wellhead to Asgard A riser hang-off, including umbilicals, riser, flowlines and subsea production system, installed and made ready for operation.
30am was refuelled and made ready for further service and crew later proudly took part as usual in Llandudno's annual Trafalgar Day Parade.
You will report to the Communities Editor and be responsible for the gathering and preparation of market-focused content direct from communities and submitting it to production journalists so that it can be made ready for publication to readers across multimedia channels.
Once the casualty hand-over was complete, both boats returned to station and were re-fuelled and made ready for the next service again.
The adjacent industrial units were acquired and made ready for the delivery of new production equipment that would be delivered and installed before the end of February 2013.
Three others rooms, each at 3,700-pound-a-night, were also booked and made ready for the couple and their sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, ten, Cruz, seven, and 18-month-old daughter Harper.
The well will now be cased and made ready for fracture stimulation while the appropriate production facilities are prepared for production testing which is expected to occur within the next two-three weeks.
The facility at Tredegar Park will be equipped and made ready for commissioning by the end of the year.
At the close of the exhibit, the works will be taken down and made ready for the October 16 auction.
A senior military source revealed: "There will be a total of 14 new Chinooks, they will become part of the UK fleet and Chinooks from that fleet will be made ready for Afghanistan.