make (one's) way to(ward) (something or some place)

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make (one's) way to(ward) (something or some place)

To navigate or find one's way to or toward something or some location. Passengers, please make your way toward the exit in an orderly fashion. I'm making my way to New York City by car.
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make one's way

1. Go in a particular direction or to a particular destination, as in I'm making my way to the china department, or How are we going to make our way through this underbrush? This usage was first recorded about 1400.
2. Also, make one's own way. Advance in life by one's own efforts, His family hasn't much money so he'll just have to make his own way in the world. [c. 1600]
See also: make, way
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make your ˈway (to/towards something)

go (to/towards something): Would passengers please make their way to gate 15 for the flight to Paris.Don’t worry, we can make our own way to the airport (= get there without help, a ride, etc.).
See also: make, way
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"We made our ways into our professional lives together and everything has gone in the right way since."
So, somehow, without ever articulating it, we worked out a tacit form of survival and in this way made our ways successfully through lower high school.
Soon after we made our ways into the odd building, we were welcome to set our "stuff' for the interview in what we assumed was one of the rehearsal rooms for the band.
One approach is to let them know that we too faced hurdles as we made our ways through the academic maze.