make (a) nonsense of (something)

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make (a) nonsense of (something)

To treat something serious or important in a silly or ridiculous manner; to make a mockery of something. The candidate has been making a nonsense of the whole political process, but for some reason many voters feel that that is just what's needed. I don't appreciate you making nonsense of this class with your rude remarks and obnoxious behavior.
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make nonsense of something

to make something appear to be silly or nonsensical. You are just making nonsense of everything I have tried to do. Your statement makes nonsense of everything you have said before.
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make nonsense (or a nonsense) of

reduce the value of something to a ridiculous degree.
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make (a) ˈnonsense of something

reduce the value of something by a lot; make something seem ridiculous: If people can bribe police officers, it makes a complete nonsense of the legal system.
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References in classic literature ?
Well, I set to work upon the copying, and executed it cleanly and well, except for the fact that, whether the devil confused my mind, or a mysterious fate so ordained, or the occurrence was simply bound to happen, I left out a whole line of the document, and thus made nonsense of it!
While assisting at the literary evenings, he even went so far, on two or three occasions, as to correct Mr Wegg when he grossly mispronounced a word, or made nonsense of a passage; insomuch that Mr Wegg took to surveying his course in the day, and to making arrangements for getting round rocks at night instead of running straight upon them.
Even the advanced countries, including the United States and the Western nations, are not insulated from crime, but they have keyed into technology and cut down significantly on the kinds of crimes that have made nonsense of life and living in Nigeria today.
Some manipulative fellows at the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) and other wheeler dealers cashed in on that as they found ways to change grades at a fee and with time made nonsense of the actual results released to the public.
But the home side were generally outplayed by an efficient pack, in which Waite was outstanding, and backs who made nonsense of the wet conditions with some spirited passing movements.
It later made nonsense of a presidential petition; the judgment was obfuscation on how to mitigate innocence when found guilty as charged.
It made nonsense of the entire rationale based on which the international community intervened militarily in the former Yugoslavia: To prevent the change of borders by force.
Paul Carden's team produced football that made nonsense of a record of one win in nine games before last night.
In a vote that made nonsense of polls that had predicted a close result, the Conservatives appeared to have gained more than 20 seats to advance just over the magic number of 326 that confers a parliamentary majority.
Burrell made nonsense of Stuart Lancaster's decision to leave him out of the autumn internationals when he stormed over in the 48th minute to secure the four-try bonus.
My selection went off a 16-1 shot for his debut in a seven-furlong maiden at York in July, but made nonsense of those odds with a fluent success.
Australian Michael Hogan took three for 11 in his four overs and Mark Wallace quickly made nonsense of the Bears' struggle to 126 for eight by racing to an undefeated 69 from 52 balls.
Australian Michael Hogan took three for 11 in his four overs and Mark Wallace quickly made nonsense of the home side's struggle to 126 for eight by racing to an undefeated 69 from 52 balls.
But the breaking of the match-fixing scandal showed up the team before the entire world, and made nonsense of the coming one-day international series between the two.
Squalid violence and pitiful flip-flopping have made nonsense of C such words.