make (oneself or something) ready (for someone or something)

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make (oneself or something) ready (for someone or something)

To become or make something prepared for something or someone. I don't think I'll have enough time to make myself ready for the gala this evening! John, please make the spare rooms ready for Jane and the kids before they get here. Gentlemen, make ready for our immediate departure!
See also: make, ready, someone

make ˈready (for something)

(formal) prepare (for something): Everyone is very busy here making ready for the royal visit.
See also: make, ready

make ready

To make preparations.
See also: make, ready
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This isn't the talk of long since when once I had made myself ready for school and start my busy day, confronted two children in front of our gate.
WHEN my son was knee-high to a grasshopper, I made myself ready to take him to the park.