make (one's) toes curl

(redirected from made my toes curl)

make (one's) toes curl

1. To cause one an acute feeling of disgust, shame, embarrassment, or anguish. Her story about the disastrous wedding made everyone's toes curl. The thought of having to give her presentation in front of an audience made her toes curl. I don't know why, but the sound of another person chewing makes my toes curl.
2. To cause one an acute feeling of joy or pleasure. When he leaned in to kiss me at the end of the date, it made my toes curl.
See also: curl, make, toe

make your toes curl

1. If something makes your toes curl, it makes you feel very embarrassed. He reminds us of every time our toes curled in the past watching TV presenters making idiotic comments or awful jokes. I attacked her in a way that now makes my toes curl. Note: You can use toe-curling before nouns to describe things that make you feel embarrassed. Movies about famous explorers rarely work, as some recent toe-curling efforts show.
2. If something makes your toes curl, it makes you react strongly, especially by being shocked. She tells stories that would make your toes curl. Note: You can also say that something curls your toes. There are some things you'll learn about this place that'll curl your toes.
See also: curl, make, toe

make someone's toes curl

bring about an extreme reaction in someone, either of pleasure or disgust. informal
1984 Paul Prudhomme Louisiana Kitchen This is so good it'll make your toes curl!
See also: curl, make, toe

make somebody’s ˈtoes curl

make somebody feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about something: After yesterday’s embarrassing incident, she really didn’t want to go to work. Just thinking about it was enough to make her toes curl. ▶ ˈtoe-curling adj.: a toe-curling performance
See also: curl, make, toe
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THE City of London's old-fashioned sartorial rules about shoes made my toes curl. A law firm partner reportedly told trainees: "Don't wear brown shoes with a blue suit." And a worker in the Square Mile said it was only permissible to wear brown shoes on dress-down Friday or if you are an American.
While all the games were excellent advertisements for the respective levels of the teams, the commentators' constant inane wittering made my toes curl.
So this collection of sexy, lovely, passionate and intelligent erotica made my toes curl. From the vanilla in Valerie Alexander's "Paradise"-"it was ice-cream sex, vanilla and sweet, but I held her shaking body tight when she came.
It made my toes curl so much they are still aching a week later.
A couple had dry sponges, but were beautifully scented with vanilla or lemon, some were heavy, some light and one was so sweet, its icing made my toes curl. By the time I got to the 12th cake I felt quite odd - I had to sit down and could feel sweat bubbles under my eyes.
Slabbert admitted the disfigured features of his patient had "made my toes curl".
The self-important MC who made my toes curl up on Tuesday, was back again introducing The Nutcracker.
All night he's groan I love you baby, marry me, let me do it to you: Girl, he made my toes curl. Then he got transferred.
Once played with Jude's father, the mad chiropodist who made my toes curl. Experience on golf course left me wanting to do something really, r eally nasty to his niblick.
And what really made my toes curl was, when offering a drink to a Spanish workman, he addressed him as 'Signor!'