make (one's) skin crawl

(redirected from made my skin crawl)
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make (one's) skin crawl

To cause one to feel disgusted, frightened, or unnerved. Having to look at all those surgical photos made my skin crawl. The mere mention of cockroaches makes her skin crawl.
See also: crawl, make, skin

make your skin crawl

If something or someone makes your skin crawl, you find them very unpleasant and frightening. The way he looks at me makes my skin crawl. I hated this man, his very touch made my skin crawl. Compare with make your flesh creep.
See also: crawl, make, skin

make your ˈskin crawl

make you feel afraid or full of disgust: His smile made my skin crawl.
See also: crawl, make, skin

make (one's) skin

/flesh crawl
To cause one to be afraid or disgusted.
See also: make, skin
References in periodicals archive ?
Thomson did not endorse the app and told the film crew: "Watching that video made my skin crawl."
Bravely speaking out to encourage other victims, she said: "Their comments made my skin crawl. Then I had to go out and perform, touch and get changed across the hallway from them."
However, it made my skin crawl in the story "Diversity In The Industry" (January 2016) when you stated, "further showing the importance of gun stores, 39 percent of respondents said they would look to a gun store or shooting range to get information on firearms." The problem with this is it should be the reverse: Customers should go to the free internet for "information" and then come to the store to buy.
Jeff Roche Jimmy Saville always made my skin crawl now i know why Ana Harding The Clink named in top 10 restaurants in UK The food is amazing there and the staff are very friendly.
Bausch is so calm and amiable in the way that he speaks and strategically creates each layer of his horrible plan, he made my skin crawl. The essential Captain Lesgate, played by David A.
She also told how the soap star "made my skin crawl" when she watched him years later being interviewed on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.
"I have witnessed some incidents when I've been there that have made my skin crawl.
He made my skin crawl. The meetings were inappropriate in their frequency and their length.
Mrs Braynion, 30, a psychiatric nurse, of St Helens, said: ``It made my skin crawl.
We too have big cats here in southwest Wisconsin, so this story has made my skin crawl a bit.
And he described how, as a prison cleaner, he was ordered to mop up the blood-stained floor after the attack on Nilsen, who he said 'made my skin crawl'.
It made my skin crawl, but Tony is excellently played.
It made my skin crawl thinking it could happen again.