make (one's) peace with (someone or something)

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make (one's) peace with (someone or something)

To reconcile with or accept something that previously was a source of stress, conflict, etc. After years of not speaking, Janie finally made peace with her sister. You need to make your peace with the fact that your first business didn't succeed. There will be other chances.
See also: make, peace

make one's peace with

Reconcile oneself to, bring about friendly relations with, as in He's repented and made his peace with God. This expression was first recorded about 1315. Also see make peace.
See also: make, peace

make (your) ˈpeace with somebody

end an argument, a quarrel, etc. with somebody, for example by saying sorry to them: He made his peace with his mother just before she died. OPPOSITE: pick a fight/quarrel (with somebody)
See also: make, peace, somebody

make (one's) peace with

To bring oneself to accept; reconcile oneself to.
See also: make, peace
References in classic literature ?
I made my peace with this good friend and second father, not only by following his advice, but by adopting the profession to which he had been himself attached before he inherited his fortune--the profession of medicine.
My journey to Spain to nurse Eustace had made my peace with my worthy relatives; we had exchanged friendly letters; and I had promised to be their guest as soon as it was possible for me to leave London.
I thought I should have died, and made my peace with God, forgiving all men, even my uncle and the fishers; and as soon as I had thus made up my mind to the worst, clearness came upon me; I observed the night was falling dry; my clothes were dried a good deal; truly, I was in a better case than ever before, since I had landed on the isle; and so I got to sleep at last, with a thought of gratitude.
"Thankfully, it was just a harmless lump, and that's when I made my peace with my dad."
Pervert priest Brendan Smyth said sorry to his 20 victims yesterday and told them: "I have made my peace with God."
He added: "Long ago I have made my peace with God and I hope and pray that with the passage of time many of these too will find a like peace.