make (someone's) acquaintance

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make (someone's) acquaintance

To meet someone for the first time. After hearing so many good things about you, I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. I heard that she's a very influential producer, so I'm very eager to make her acquaintance.
See also: acquaintance, make

make somebody’s acquaintance


make the acquaintance of somebody

(formal) meet somebody for the first time: I am delighted to make your acquaintance, Mrs Baker.I made the acquaintance of several musicians at that time.
See also: acquaintance, make

make (someone's) acquaintance

To meet someone for the first time: I made his acquaintance at a business conference.
See also: acquaintance, make
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I made her acquaintance while attending One Church Wheaton, whose pastor is my good friend Brian Bradford.
I had followed her work without having made her acquaintance.
It didn't take me long to rejoice equally for having made her acquaintance.
She will be greatly missed by the many who have made her acquaintance.
Meanwhile, Geri got a bee in her bonnet about the number of wealthy city folk who've been buying weekend cottages in Dibley, but her views took a dramatic turn when handsome Harry (guest star Richard Armitage of Robin Hood fame) made her acquaintance.
Well, my dear, first seek her out at the same establishment at which you made her acquaintance.