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The following day we came upon a herd of small thoats, and thereafter we were mounted and made good time.
We made good time to within a few miles of the shore.
I made good time, but was convinced that I was nearly a day behind those I was tracking.
They made good time down the chain of lakes which fills the craters of extinct volcanoes, and late that night pulled into the huge camp at the head of Lake Bennett, where thousands of goldseekers were building boats against the break-up of the ice in the spring.
I had made good time and I was an hour above schedule despite four refuelling stops.
And the third-party ambulance service the county contracted with rarely made good time.
After the swim and run I was glad to give my legs a rest as I canoed back to Sunderland and made good time," he said.
We made good time through the main valley and turned up a side draw.
Fortunately this too turned out to be an excellently surfaced road and we made good time till Dharuhera.
Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing would have made good Time Lords.
But the position marks were far apart, and the time spans were short, and I remembered that we'd made good time motor-sailing that morning.
He made good time to arrive at the South Pole on December 27, but had to stay on into 2011 to fulfil his commitment to doing the challenge within the same calendar year.
However, after unfurling her genoa sail properly, Beyond Belief made good time passing D'artagnan just before the second buoy.
The riddle games kept spirits high and we made good time up the mountain.
Taking the small back roads out of Athens we made good time.