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be made for (someone or something)

1. Of clothing, to fit someone's body well. That suit looks like it was made for you! Wow, you had that dress made for you? How much is it?
2. To be ideally suited for someone, something, or some activity. I've never seen a happier couple than Tom and Anna—it's like they were made for each other! A: "This place was made for Susan, don't you think?" B: "Yeah, she would absolutely love it." Even from when he was a boy, everyone could tell that he was made for horse wrangling.
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make for (somewhere or something)

1. To move in the direction of some place, often hastily or in order to flee something. They made for the storm cellar as quickly as they could. It's getting dark, so we'd better make for camp.
2. To produce or result in something; to be good material for something. If nothing else, today's fiasco will definitely make for a good story. Being really busy always makes for a quick day. If I don't have a lot to do, time drags on so slowly.
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made for someone

created to please someone or look good on someone in particular. This hat was made for me. This suit was just made for me!
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made for something

to have been designed or manufactured for some purpose; to be very suitable for something or some purpose. This night was made for love. This wrench is manufactured from the strongest metal. It is made for jobs just like this one.
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made for

Perfectly suited for: They're really made for each other.
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This feeling really came home to me, oddly enough, during the screening of a film that actually was made for a planned theatrical release: The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, a coming-of-age snoozer produced by and starring Jodie Foster.
The sense of the Latin is: from God's bounty, and from the bread that came from that bounty, and from the bread we are offering, there will be made for us the bread of life, and from the wine the spiritual drink.
Several other simple accommodations may be made for employees with mental retardation.
Unless the election out is made for all transfers to the trust in the current and/or all future years, the current-year transfers and/or the future transfers to which the election out is to apply must be specifically described or otherwise identified in the election-out statement.
So thin foams are made for applications where they add value.
Several readers have inquired if this election can be made for a principal residence to obtain a tax-free stepped-up basis for that residence to the extent that the deemed gain is excluded from taxable income under IRC Sec.
This election can be made for any asset class, and applies to all property in that class put in service in that year.
Molds made for plastic, die cast, rubber, RIM, blow and glass industries.
645 election is made for the purposes of income tax rules; thus, information-reporting requirements for foreign trusts will continue to apply.
However, in certain cases, the election may not have been made for legitimate reasons.