make certain of (something)

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make certain of (something)

To check something in order to confirm that it is true, correct, or is happening. I just want call the restaurant and make certain of our reservations for tonight. I always get to the airport two hours early to be certain of making my flight.
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make certain of something

to check something in order to be sure. Please make certain of what you want to do. Would you please make certain of the number of things you want to order?
See also: certain, make, of

make certain of something/of doing something

do something in order to be sure that something else will happen: You’ll have to leave soon to make certain of getting there on time.
See also: certain, make, of, something
References in classic literature ?
But I have reason to believe that in this section of Copan is a large city, the existence of which has not been made certain of by any one save myself--and, perhaps, Professor Beecher.
She had made certain of her capture of Edgar Caswall, and she could not tolerate even the lightest and most contemptuous fancy on his part which might divert him from the main issue.
What did you do, Hopkins, after you had made certain that you had made certain of nothing?"
Thus I had made certain of the hound, and had guessed at the criminal before ever we went to the west country.
The Colonel of the --th regiment, in which Messieurs Dobbin and Osborne had companies, was an old General who had made his first campaign under Wolfe at Quebec, and was long since quite too old and feeble for command; but he took some interest in the regiment of which he was the nominal head, and made certain of his young officers welcome at his table, a kind of hospitality which I believe is not now common amongst his brethren.
And Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark, 5-6 for victory yesterday morning, needed to finish ahead of New Zealand in the women's 470 medal race but finished down the field as the Kiwi boat made certain of gold.
Rudi Skacel made certain of victory after 86 minutes, converting Andrew Driver's cross.
Danny Green then made certain of all three points from the edge of the area late on to leave Grimsby still deep in trouble at the wrong end of the table.
The Brazilian's first-half penalty - the first time he has scored in the Premier League since August - would probably have been enough anyway but man-of-the-match Wright-Phillips made certain of the points two minutes from time.
It was tight battle and it was not until the 65th minute that Conor O'Kane put the visitors ahead, and with ten minutes left a goal by Paul Butcher made certain of the points.
But Ibrahimovic's goal after 62 minutes regained the initiative and his second after 79 minutes made certain of a third straight league title.
Needing to better Roma's result against Catania, Ibrahimovic's goal after 62 minutes gave Inter the initiative and his second after 79 minutes made certain of a third straight league title.
HALESOWEN Town were held to a 2-2 draw at Mangotsfield having already made certain of third spot in the Southern Premier.
The game was closely contested affair throughout the second half but Coventry made certain of victory with a last-gasp second Henry goal.
But with more than a day-and-a-half's cricket lost to the weather the match descended into a battle for bonus points and the visitors made certain of their full quota for batting by reaching 403 for five declared.